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Trusted Advice for Software Providers

As a key decision maker in your company, you have access to an abundance of data and information about macro-economic trends, competitors, and current and potential customers. In fact, there is more information available than you can process and make sense of. You need a trusted advisor to whom you can direct questions and get answers that enable you to understand the current realities and emerging trends in the marketplace.

Dow Brook is that trusted advisor. Our core competency is filtering out the noise in the information stream and making sense of volatile enterprise software markets. Through our Insight On-Demand Subscription Service, we provide the critical insight that executives at software companies need right now to make sound decisions on strategic and tactical issues. Please see our Services page for more details.

Dow Brook, Ipswich MA

Dow Brook, Ipswich MA

IBM Mails In Tightly Integrated Knowledge Worker Experience At Connect 2014

IBM Connect 2014, held last week at Walt Disney World in Orlando, featured an impressive number and breadth of product announcements, as it usually does. The right side of the photo below lists the most important announcements made this year.
Many of these announcements may be viewed as a steady continuation of progress executing the portfolio strategy that IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) group first articulated at Lotusphere 2010, under the name "Project Vulcan". The goal of Project Vulcan was (and continues to be) the seamless integration of IBM's traditional collaboration, social,

Crisis? What Crisis?

It is a well-established fact that crisis is the primary, perhaps only, catalyst for organizations to make significant, permanent change to their structures, policies, cultures, practices, processes and systems – even their very reason for existence. Therefore, software that is intended to drive and support organizational change should be designed and sold for that purpose, rather than built and marketed as an enabler of routine work.

Jive Software and the Art of Strategic Product Management

Jive Software's annual customer conference, JiveWorld, was held on October 22-24, at the Cosmopolitan Resort, in Las Vegas. This year's event, which marked the fifth anniversary of the conference, was notable for several reasons. First, attendance was nearly 1,600 people, up from 1,200 last year. Jive also introduced a formal analyst's program for the event this year, after inviting only a handful of analysts (including Dow Brook's Larry Hawes) to participate informally last year.

Dow Brook Publishes White Paper on Collaboration and Activity Streams

Dow Brook Advisory Services is pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper, titled Adrift in the Current: Effective Business Collaboration Requires more than an Activity Stream. PDF versions of the paper may be downloaded from either Dow Brook's Resources page or from the website of the paper's sponsor, Igloo Software, free of charge.


Adrift in the Current defines two extreme styles of collaboration – structured and emergent – and makes the case that, in most instances, characteristics of both collaboration styles should be blended to achieve desired business outcomes.

Enterprise Social Software and the Facebook Effect - Round Three

Here we go again.

Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced his company's newest offering, Facebook Home, at a press conference today (See this Mashable article for a good overview and hands-on video). Home – a meta-application designed for use exclusively on (select Android OS) mobile devices – has the potential to change enterprise computing as significantly as did the original Facebook NewsFeed.

A few years ago, nearly every provider of fledgling enterprise social software described their offering as "Facebook for the enterprise". Indeed, every product or service in the

IBM Connects Social

IBM held it's 20th annual collaboration conference last week. In the culmination of its gradual retirement of the Lotus brand, IBM changed the name of the event from Lotusphere to IBM Connect.

The new name is highly appropriate, as it has multiple layers of meaning. IBM's social software, packaged and sold as IBM Connections, is focused on connecting people with others and with information.

Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration - Part 2

This document was co-produced by Dow Brook Advisory Services and Central Desktop, and is the second half of a two-part white paper on enterprise collaboration styles and requirements. Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration – Part 2 presents guidelines for when to use structured and emergent collaboration styles. It also demonstrates, through a case study, that these styles are not mutually exclusive and that elements of both should often be designed into the collaboration experience, including any supporting technology.

Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration - Part 1

This document was co-produced by Dow Brook Advisory Services and Central Desktop, and is the first half of a two-part white paper on enterprise collaboration styles and requirements. In Structured vs. Emergent Collaboration – Part 1, we define these extreme styles of collaboration, then compare and contrast their characteristics.